Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards

Music Instructor
Born in Kokomo in 1984, Tim has always been interested in music. Starting piano lessons at
age 8, he took for nearly 6 solid years, learning music notation, theory, and fundamentals. He
began playing bass guitar and trombone at age 11 with the help of the band program at Kokomo
Center Schools. Around that time, he also took about 6 months of drum lessons from local
percussionist Carl Gilbert.
After deciding to stop piano lessons to play 8th grade football, his church asked him to join the
worship band. Playing and learning without sheet music for three services and one rehearsal
every week really was a crucial period of growth.
When Tim hit High School, he marched with the Kokomo High School Marching Wildkats for a
year, then promptly turned his attention to the jazz bands.
The music of that jazz band, contemporary Gospel, and all the vinyls his father would spin for
him became an entire world to Tim.
After playing in the jazz band for 3 years and continuing to play with his church several times a
week all through High School, he graduated and left for Valor College, a small, interracial
Christian college in Columbus, OH. There he met some veterans of the rich Black Gospel
music scene and learned a ton.
After two years, he returned to Indiana to work as music department head at his church and he
also began to take on students for the first time at Pulse Music in Kokomo.
He then left with his wife to Dallas, TX to direct music at a church for 2 years, and when he
returned to Indiana in 2015, he resumed his teaching at Rhum Academy.
Tim loves to teach and watch his students excel.