Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson

Instruments: Electric and Acoustic guitar, Ukelele, Mandolin, Voice
Experience/Training: I began my musical journey behind a guitar in 2008 under the tutelage of Gary Rhum. Since then I've been fortunate to immerse myself in the world of music as an instructor, student, and member of performing ensembles. In high school, I remained active both performing at the academy and in choral ensembles. Now, I perform in and around the Kokomo area on two fronts as a member of Texture/Mess and Pale Giants. Bands that play instrumental jazz-ish/fusion and acoustic thrash metal(joking!) respectively. Playing in these bands with such talented musicians as well as my experience teaching at the academy continue to exponentially inspire me to deepen music's hold on me and my hold on music.
Why I teach music: I believe that music is a driving expressionistic force that is as revealing to the person who creates it as it is to its listener. I believe that anyone that willingly devotes any amount of time to an art like music can and will find huge benefits on both personal and social levels. To me, this is a fundamental truth of music, and therefore my goal as a teacher is to show my students how personally and expressively freeing music can be. I aspire to show my students that music is fun, personal, and fulfilling.