Nathan Carpenter

Nathan Carpenter

Drum Instructor
Hello! I am currently attending my freshman year of college at IU Kokomo, and just graduation from Kokomo High School last year. I have been playing drums/percussion for about 5 years now, and a few different low brass instruments for about 7 years. I have played drums in multiple bands at Kokomo High School, including Jazz, Pep Band, and Indoor Percussion. I was also winner of the John Philip Sousa award out at Kokomo. I am also one of the drummers on the worship team at my home church, which was where I first learned to play drums. 

Music has, and always will, be one of the biggest key components of my life. Ever since I picked up my first band class from middle school, it was clear that music was meant for me and has been my passion ever since. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share what I love with others and help them grow into musicians!