JoAnne Werling

JoAnne Werling

Instruments: Piano/Keyboard
Experience/Training: Since second grade I have played the piano. Training continued beyond high school to piano study at Indiana University, Bloomington. Classical music training in sight reading, scales, and chords with emphasis on current music has been my focus. High school experiences included accompanist for the choir, swing choir, and school musicals. Professional experience has included: accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists; providing music for church celebrations, community groups, and a small community theater in Indianapolis; and teaching music for PreSchool through Eighth Grade students at Sts. Joan of Arc and Patrick School in Kokomo.
Why I Teach Music: Helping students learn to develop their own musical talent, to adapt music for varying venues and artists, and to appreciate and enjoy a wide range of music genres and styles is why I teach piano. Lessons are adapted to address each student’s learning style, ability, and interest. 
Music is fun and interesting. It is a great way to meet people and become involved in school and the community. Being a part of the Rhum Academy with so many talented individuals is a dream come true for me.