James Lightsey

James Lightsey

James started teaching at Rhum Academy in December of 2012. Now a music teacher specializing in advanced drums/percussion, James has been playing drums as long as he can remember. He performs and records music with multiple bands, writing original music and playing covers spanning several genres. To become more knowledgeable in music theory he learned piano as a second instruments beginning at age 11. In both percussion and piano, he teaches how to read music. He is capable of teaching beginner-advanced drums, and beginner-intermediate piano.
Drums and Percussion:
 Reading music
 Develop rhythm
 Study your favorite drummers and help you learn their styles
 Playing multiple styles/genres
 Help you burn lots of calories
Beginner-intermediate piano:
Classical teaching style
 Reading music
 Music theory
 Working through books to track progress and advance in skill
 Learning from well known composers and classical pieces
Modern teaching style
 Music theory
 Focusing on learning key signatures involving scales and chords
 Learn songs from your favorite musicians
 Learn how to use chord progressions and write your own songs