James Lightsey

James Lightsey

Instruments: Drum set / Percussion / Hand Percussion, Beginning Piano
Experience / Training: I have been drumming for nine years and I started off teaching myself on hand percussion. I played on a djembe with my church’s band for three years. I then started taking lessons on drum set for about a year then I taught myself from then on. I replaced the drummer for the church band on drum set after he moved away. I have been playing drum set every Sunday for about four years. I have taught myself almost everything that I know on the drum set but I have also learned the basic rudiments from being in band for two years, one year at Kokomo High School and one year at Taylor High School. 
Why I teach music: I teach music because I love it. I want to share my passion with other people and I want them to learn my unique style of playing. I have been playing music with my family since I was eight years old and I enjoy the privilege of teaching other young people the skill and gift of music. I am equally excited to help adults learn and improve their music skill and interest.