Ben Hutto

Ben Hutto

Guitar Instructor
I started teaching myself to play guitar when I was fourteen. For the first six months to a year, I really didn't put much effort into it, but then when something clicked and I started to make something that sounded like music; that was when I dove in head first. I started putting a lot of time into practicing, I got involved in playing music in church a lot, and I tried to soak up everything I could. Then, after I played guitar for quite a while, I took guitar lessons from Gary Rhum and he helped me to reach goals I hadn't thought possible. My main music influence is Phil Keaggy and I enjoy listening to many types of music.

My main drive to teach music is that I want to help people to have an easier time beginning to learn guitar. Being self taught, I developed bad habits and had to figure out, on my own, what did and didn't work for me. I want to help people to have fewer roadblocks in their journey.