Averie Stone

Averie Stone

Instruments: Vocals, Beginning Guitar, Beginning Piano
Why I Teach: Music is a passion I have had since the moment I could talk. My parents realized when I was younger that I loved music a little too much for a kid who can barely say their own name, but can sing and hum along to every song on the radio. My grandma signed me up for voice and piano lessons with Jessica Rhum when I was 8 years old. I have been in Northwestern’s jazz choir since 8th grade, and I also did musical theatre my freshman and sophomore year. I’ve performed all over the community, and I’m going on 10 years at Rhum Academy. I have had the honor of being taught and trained by the most amazing instructors who have inspired me to embark on a new adventure, teaching students myself. I want to make an impact on each and every student I get the privilege to work with! My goal is to make every student enjoy themselves and have lots of fun on the stage. I am currently a senior at Northwestern and I will be graduating in 2019.