The Rhum Academy of Music was founded in April of 2008 by Gary Rhum and is located in downtown Kokomo. Gary's dream was to have a music school with a holistic approach to teaching music; offering not only private and group lessons, but also a performance hall and music store dedicated to helping in the success of local musicians. Gary has been a performer and professional musician for many years and has been teaching in the Kokomo area for over 20 years. The academy's growing staff of teachers is dedicated in helping offer a variety of lessons on a diverse selection of instruments and styles. Each of our teachers strives to help our students learn and experience the joy of making music. Our goal is to create a community of artists and musicians of all ages, where creativity, expression, performance, and musicianship are encouraged and developed.

Langley and GaryThe Rhum Academy is also home to a small music store and local arts and crafts shop. We pride ourselves in keeping our musical equipment and instruments affordable so that music education can be accessible to everyone in our community. We can also special order instruments in any price range if you don't find the perfect instrument in stock in our retail space. 

Since Gary's retirement in 2020, Rhum Academy is now ran by our CEO, Sami Soutar Lightsey. She is passionate about music and art and is happy to help anyone looking to become a student at the Academy. She plans to continue Gary's legacy by providing a one-stop-shop for personalized music and art education, performance opportunities, instruments and equipment, local arts and crafts, and great customer service. If you have any problems during your time at the academy, please feel free to talk to Sami about them and we will do all that we can to help you feel like the important member of our community that you are. 

If you have questions about Rhum Academy or wish to speak with us personally, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to make your musical dreams a reality.