Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards

Instruments: Piano, Bass, Guitar, Beginning Drums, Beginning Vocal
Experience / Why I Teach: I am currently a 30-something here in Kokomo where I was born and raised. I started taking piano lessons at age 8 and continued for 6 years until I took up football. I also began playing keyboards for my church (New Covenant Christian Center). I quickly realized how much I loved music, and, by comparison, how disinterested I was in football. I knew all 12 major scales but didn't know a single play by heart. Needless to say, music became my love and passion - especially jazz. I attended a private Bible College in Columbus, OH where I focused on church music and quickly became the unofficial student consultant for all things music and theory - which cultivated my desire to teach and help others learn. I also learned quite a bit about black gospel music! I taught at Lancaster Music in Dallas, TX for about 15 months before returning to Indiana to bring my wife, Arielle, and 11-month-old daughter, Cadence, close to family. I love espresso, theology, chicken piccata, sleeping in with my family and playing music with other great humans.