Sawyer Lightsey

Sawyer Lightsey

Instruments: Guitar
Experience / Training: My earliest guitar teachings were by my father in reading and playing classical guitar. Unfortunately, as most things your parents tell you when you are young, I viewed it as a bit of a chore and it didn’t stick with me. That being said, I did pick up on reading and chording. What really started my musical path was when I started taking lessons from Gary when I was in high school and then I started playing in the church band around the same time. 7 years later I’m still playing at Saint Andrews every Sunday.
Why I teach music: I teach music because of how much fun it is seeing students accomplish their goals and be successful. There’s nothing more rewarding then performing a song on stage next to your student and see them do things they never even thought possible for them. That’s the rewarding part of being a teacher. The sense of satisfaction I receive when I help my students discover new aspects of themselves is unparalleled. When I’m not playing music I’m either striving to be the best person I can be for my family, tinkering away on my 1976 Volkswagen van, or trying to beat my previous high score on Centipede.