Jesse VanderWeide

Jesse VanderWeide

Instruments: Drums and guitar
Experience and training: I am a lifelong musician, with my musical journey beginning in childhood with piano lessons and the saxophone in school band. My passion really developed when I was 13 and stumbled upon a drum set in my church. I soon had my own kit and was drumming along to all my punk and grunge albums while digesting all the educational materials and Modern Drummer magazines I could. Later I picked up my dad's guitar and learned to play barre chords, and the same obsession ensued. Throughout high school and my early 20's I played and recorded with various artists and bands ranging from folk to hardcore, and was also very involved with leading worship and drumming at various churches, eventually leading to a position as Worship Coordinator at my home church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. During that time I was invited to teach drum and guitar lessons at a local music store, which I did for 6+ years before moving to Kokomo, Indiana. 
Why I teach: When I was first invited to teach I was hesitant and little insecure, but soon I had my eyes opened to the power of music in a totally new way. It was no longer about me, it was about something bigger. I ended up loving teaching and finding some personal growth along the way. Sharing the gift of music has become my first priority.