Anne Marie Weimer

Anne Marie Weimer

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Voice
Experience/Training: I've been interested in music since I was little. My grandmother played the organ and piano and I was always so fascinated when she would play it for me. I took up learning the piano when I was 9 years old. I quickly figured out that I enjoyed singing along while I played the piano. At the time I took up piano lessons I lived in North Carolina, but I ended up moving here to Kokomo where I discovered Rhum Academy. I started taking piano lessons with Jessica Rhum and absolutely loved the environment. Around the time when I was 14 and after being at Rhum Academy a few years I decided I wanted to start learning how to play guitar as well. I started taking lessons from Eric Hyman and a few years later I started to take lessons from Gary Rhum. In middle and high school I was also involved in choir. I have been very lucky to play at different shows with Gary and other students around Kokomo and have learned a lot through these experiences. 
Why I Teach: I teach because music has brought a lot of joy to my life. Music is like another language that all understand and enjoy. I believe everyone can connect through music. I want to bring this joy to other people. I want to help other people accomplish their goals and be successful in their journey with music.